Comic book writer or Romance Author?

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Who is J. Morgan? Uh, that’d be me. I think. Yep, it’s me. But, in the metaphysical sense, who am I? To answer that probing question we need to travel back to a simpler time. Not sure if it was simpler, but the closest thing we had to a home computer was an Etch-a-Sketch.

Back in the 70s a kid had only his imagination to entertain him. Luckily for me, mine was over active. Creating worlds always came easily to me. Whether with my action figures, or just turning the yard and woods in my backyard into strange alien landscapes, I’ve always lived inside my head. It should have come as no surprise to me or anyone, that I’d become a writer one day.

So, if I was so space cadet growing up, why am I writing Romance novels about things that go bump in the night. Shouldn’t I be writing comic books, horror novels, or anything but Romance? Well, who says I don’t?


You hear me, I write all those. I write them through Romance. Romance is more than a genre on a book shelf. It’s the story of our lives. It’s our past, present and future. How can you read a story and not include two people searching for each other. The human condition is to be loved. Without that one emotion we become machines or worse, we become immune to the world around us.

I write books. Romance just happens to be the center of what I write. The Vampire part just so happens to be the fun part. Now, that we’ve narrowed down what I do, I’d like to discuss one book in particular. That is, if you don’t mind being dragged into me talking about one of my babies. I promise there’s even a snazzy picture. Yeah, I’m a proud papa, and why shouldn’t I be?

Love Free Stake Hard is one of my proudest accomplishments. Why you may ask? Well, I don’t mind answering. Book Three in my Love Bites series was the first book where I grew a clue. Before it, I just wrote. Yep, I was a pantster, wrote by the seat of whatever covered the desired parts and let the words flow with no rhyme or reason. Love Free taught me to plan, think ahead and never assume the way you’re writing is the right way. It always led the way in creating the world I love writing. Books 1 and 2 were fun, but incomplete in scope. I had a world, but like anyone who read them, I had no idea what that world contained. This book showed me more than a world, it showed me universes revolving in my head. I was giddy. Who wants a world, when they can have the cosmos to play with?

It was also the book where I had a grand plan. Okay, scheme, because schemes come with mad scientist cackles. Love Free Stake Hard gave me twelve books percolating to a slow boil. So, if you’re reading or have read this series, know that I know where we’re going and it’s going to be one fun ride.

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