Reading/Therapy dog Atlas steals the show

A friend of mine loaned me her dog for The Return of Joy.

I wanted to portray a mountain dog = a big dog. You know, one that might keep the bears away just by hanging out.

Don’t ask me why a black lab came to mind, but when I asked our local Therapy Dog chapter if anyone had black lab pictures I could use, my friend Mary replied, “Not black. Yellow lab!”

It wasn’t too late to change that small element in the book, and once I pictured Atlas, a couple of his characteristics crept into the book as well.

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Don’t you love a love story?

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, in my professional world, people look down their noses when I tell them I write ROMANCE.

I guess they expect professional papers or research articles or books about management. I want to spend my evenings writing — and reading about love.

Maybe it is a function of nearing retirement age, but frankly I don’t want to work day and night. I want a break from reality now and then. When I am reading, I look for a love story.

I have a broad taste in books, so some stories like the Star Wars books and movies or Gail Delaney’s Phoenix Rebellion or Phoenix Rising books are based in a future world and have an exciting science fiction backdrop. But woven throughout? You guessed it. A love story. Or if you are lucky, more than one.

In The Return of Joy, Starting Over Book Two,  I explored how a widow can heal a little and begin to reclaim her life but it is also — you guessed it — a love story. She is young, with a young child. There is a parallel story about two older people falling in love. It isn’t the main story, but I’ve seen enough of life to know people don’t stop wanting love because they are aging.

So even if you have grey hair like me … I know you enjoy a good love story. In fact, this is a little more sensual than my other titles. And while it is Book Two, it does stand alone.

More Than a Job, Starting Over Book One, tells the story of Paige Roberts, who loses her job. There are elements of characters who have a disability woven through the story.

Animal Instinct, the first of the Time After Time Saga with Tami Dee, is a romance about a veterinarian and is a great book for animal lovers and includes a time-traveling enemy who has been stalking Dr. Al’s ancestors and now is after her.

All three books take the approach that sex happens in marriage — but the sizzle is there long before, and certainly after.

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The Return of Joy releases Sunday October 21

Available October 21, 2012 When Joy Huffman’s recurring dreams of the husband she lost become urgent she is convinced to go to the cabin, their project of love, in New Mexico. With her daughter and mother-in-law, they set out to learn what Steve wants them to know – that his death was no accident, but murder. Their investigation stirs up the evil that ended his life, and puts them all at risk. The caretaker at the cabin, Mark Stone, is challenged to keep them safe while he unravels the mystery of why Steve died. Along the way he falls in love with Joy — but will she be open to loving again?

 EXCERPT “The last thing Steve said to me,” Evelyn had told Joy, “must have been a premonition.” Joy had looked up from her tears, from the bed where she had just given birth to Charity, with confusion in her eyes. “‘Take care of Joy’,” he said to me. “‘If anything happens, you’ll take care of my Joy, won’t you?’ And I will.”

I’m still taking care of her. Joy had needed Evelyn then, and she needed her now. A new mother couldn’t deal with planning a funeral. Evelyn had picked out the casket and planned the service. She got Joy through the condolences and the days and weeks after the funeral. She pushed down her own pain at losing her son so that she could support his little family. She’d handled everything — everything — and given Joy time to heal. Her new job was to protect and care for Joy and Charity. She had been there when Joy struggled to move from one day to the next. Evelyn had helped Joy get back into her business — now home-based, because of the baby. Who else could call clients and make appointments, prod Joy to move back into the world, and cover for her when she couldn’t work? Moving in with Joy had come naturally. After all, living with her was much more convenient, and during months of lower productivity, sharing costs would help them both. Joy needed so much from Evelyn. The older woman had given up her privacy and independence because she wanted to take care of her new granddaughter and the woman who’d given the child life. She’d promised Steve. Besides, they were family.

Evelyn was there this morning, ready to listen, as always. She finished cooking breakfast and set plates of steaming food on the table. She’d never been good at staying still. She refilled Charity’s cup with juice, encouraged the little girl to wipe her mouth, and then pulled her chair up beside Joy to eat her own meal.

When Joy set down her mug and sighed, Evelyn turned to her and asked, “Long night?”

Joy nodded and ran a hand through her dark curls as she stared at her plate. Smudges under her eyes and the tightness of strain around her mouth made her look older than her thirty-three years. “I had the dream again.” She shook her head and toyed with her food, pushing the eggs around on her plate. Evelyn wished Joy had more of an appetite. “Evelyn, I can’t take it anymore.”

“The dream at the cabin where Steve calls out to you?” She poured Joy a second cup of tea.

At her daughter-in-law’s nod, she asked, “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to face my demons.” Joy looked at her over her mug and attempted a smile. Then she winced. She’d told Evelyn more than once she didn’t have the heart to go to the cabin, so she’d never seen the dream house they’d designed, that Steve had given her and their unborn child. Evelyn had found someone to care for the place, so it hadn’t been abandoned, and yet Joy seemed content to forget about it. Perhaps she’d found her destroyed hopes too much to bear. Now, however…

Joy took a tentative bite of toast. “I’m already packed. I hope you’ll come with us.” She took another bite, and then another. Evelyn was pleased to see her eating so well. Maybe this decision was what she’d needed. Of course she would go. Joy and Charity were her responsibility. She wouldn’t think of staying behind. “How long will we be gone?”

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