A Passion for Reading

reading with momAs I struggled with completing my latest manuscript — Book #9 — I wondered what happened? Was I getting tangled in the technical details? (The heroine is blind and writing from her point of view can’t include visual descriptions.) Why wasn’t the story taking off? Why wasn’t it as fun as writing usually is for me?

The answer hit me when I read fellow author J. Morgan’s blog today. Check it out: http://jennmorgan69.wordpress.com/2014/09/07/passion-in-reading/

Maintaining a love — a passion for reading is a life-long pursuit. I am going to pull out a favorite right now and rediscover the wonder of reading. Then I will go back to my manuscript.

Dog is a Game Changer in the Writing Arena

Two evil overlords?paco driving

I’m J. Morgan and I am the proud pet of two evil overlords and an emperor of the Cith. No, I’m not talking about my wife and daughter, though, now that I think about it… so, who am I’m talking about? My Chihuahua, Paco, and the beautiful Mini Pin, Maxine. The emperor is the feline Mr. Bean, who has proudly owned me and my family for the past fifteen years. You may be asking yourself, with all these owners how does J. Morgan have any time to write. Well, you know those little voices that I’m always talking about? Now, you know who I’m talking about.

For those of you who aren’t a pet of one or more furry masters, I doubt you’ll get what I’m about to say. I’m not sure if I could write without them. Seriously, I couldn’t. Each one of my beautiful children of the fur help me in ways that I never thought possible.photo (25)

Paco is my game changer. He knows exactly when his daddy is about to lose his mind. Whether I’m blocked or just have lost my way, he senses my frustration and clears it up the only way he knows how. When I feel the tap tap on my foot, I know it’s time to close my screen and pay attention to my baby boy. And, there he is, with one of his hundred toys hanging out of his mouth. It’s wubby time. So for the next twenty minutes to three hours I throw. He brings back. Repeat process until one of us passes out. Usually, that someone is me. Other times, he’ll just crawl up and sit on the keyboard, telling me enough. You’re driving me crazy with that mumbling under your breath. Just stop it. Strangely enough, he’s got more sense than me when it gets to that point.

Paco has been so much of a muse to me, he even wormed his way into Love Bites Book Three: Love Free Stake Hard as Dela and Deme’s loveable adopted son. Paco came to us in much the same way. Someone just threw him out in our yard when he was just a puppy. From the first second his big brown eyes stared into mine, it was over.

Now, we come to the ultimately adorable Maxine. She is the queen of the big brown eyes. Max is pretty much our lurker under the blanket who only comes out to bark at mystery sounds, Mr. Bean and her food bowl. So, how does she help me write? Ms. Maxine is a hugger. Dare I say the best hugger in the world! She instinctively knows when I’m having a hard time with a scene. I’ll hear the clickity clack of her feet and then she’s in my lap with her arms on either side of my neck, her head nuzzling my ear, and so much love flooding me, how can I not be inspired?


Mr. Bean on the other hand is pragmatic about it. His favorite minion, namely, me, has certain responsibilities in life. I’ve got to make sure his food bowl is full. Dry food all day long. Wet food once in morning. Once at night. The water bowl must be full and be at a certain temp. His recliner, yes, he has his own recliner. My wife thought it beansterwas hers, but he disabused her of that fact. Where was I, again? Oh yeah, his recliner has to have the proper amount of fluffed blankies for him to lounge upon. Once I have accomplished all that, I get the look. Silly man, get to writing. I don’t have time to watch you dither about. Cable does not pay for itself. I must have my stories to watch, food to eat, and please do something about these lesser beings. I did not give you permission to bring canines into my abode. You get the idea.

The point is, pets are beings of perfect love. They wrapped you around their paws and never let you go. Writing is a labor of love. How can you truly know what love is if you’re not surrounded by it. I am the luckiest man alive. I have examples of love around me all the time. From my wife, daughter, my family, my friends, and of course, my furry overlords, I am never far from the things that make life a true blessing.

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Writing is Hard Work

,bitetheoneyourewithcoverart72dpi__95079.1359436540.1280.1280J. Morgan on Writing

I’m a writer, or at least that’s what it says on the spray painted sign I park my car in front of. Seriously, it say J. Morgan, writer. It might not be as cool as Rick Castle’s Kevlar vest, but it still remains the truth. I write. Sometimes so easily, I can believe I can do it. Other times, those dark times that no one likes to talk about, writing is best described as pulling your own teeth without a rubber mallet handy to deaden the stupidity.

As a result, I’ll be the first to admit writing is hard work. Over the years, I’ve been asked are there any tricks to doing it? I want to say no, because either you can write or you can’t. There’s very little in-between. But! Bet you saw that coming. If you can write, there are a couple things you can learn. First you have to be open to being taught. That’s the kicker right there.

When I first got into writing, and published, I thought I knew how to write. I entertained myself, so why shouldn’t others be entertained? Because, being able to write doesn’t mean you know how to write. There’s a distinction there. Don’t think there isn’t. Talent and skill are two different things. Bear with me because this next bit clears it up, or I hope it will.

I come from a background in the visual arts. I’m a painter and pencil artist by trade, though trade will leave you starving. I’d always written and been told you’re talented, why don’t you write a book or something. Twenty years down the road, I finally listened to those pesky voices. I could write and did have some talent. So, I wrote a book. Two books, actually, but the first one was garbage, so let’s not discuss it. The second one got accepted by a publisher. I said wow, those voices were right!

Here’s where the ego got smacked around. I had talent sure. But, talent without polishing is still garbage, only pretty garbage. My first editor got me to doing something I’m totally adverse to– thinking. Thinking led to self discovery. Self discovery led to a startling revelation. I had a long way to go. That brings me to my first writing tip. Always be willing to learn.

With that out of the way, I’m going to pass on my first tip that doesn’t involve ego bashing. Write like you’re acting. To totally understand your characters, you MUST immerse yourself into them. Become them for the span of your scene, your book! If you can’t completely get who they are, how can a reader? Seriously, walk a mile–fifty miles–in their shoes. Then, you can overcome any writing block that comes your way. That doesn’t mean you’re not going to be blocked, because you will. IT means, once you are able to get back into that character’s head, you can push through and keep going. It might take some crying, whining, and general begging, but it’ll happen. Trust me.

Second valuable tip. Just because you read a book, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write with all five, in a paranormal author’s book, six senses. What does that mean? It means when you write, ‘She stepped out into a bright sunshiny day’, make us believe it’s a sunshiny day. Let us hear birds chirping. The wind blowing through long grass in need of mowing. The rumble of a lawnmower across the back yard. The yells of kids playing somewhere down the block. Something to make a reader fall into a three dimensional world. That’s just one sense, hearing.

Sense two. The smell of cut grass. The lingering scent of the morning dew evaporating on the lawn. Honeysuckle wafting across that breeze up there.

Sense three. The feel of that wind brushing across her cheek, embracing her body. The sun toasting her skin, as she steps off the porch. Oh, you get the idea.

Sense four. The sun blinding her. Those playing kids. A bird flying from tree to tree. The grass waving. Give them something to actually see.

Sense five. The taste of the honey suckle on the breeze. Can’t think of any more but you might.

When you write a paragraph, don’t consider just seeing it. Live it!

I’m not sure if I have anything else I could impart to you. Writing is a learn as you go type of thing. Through making mistakes you’ll learn more than I could show you. Just always trust your instincts and listen to critiques with an open mind. Aside from that, have junk food handy and you should be set. Thanks for listening to me run off at the mouth. I hope I’ve helped give you some new twists on writing. Thanks to Lynnette for having me here today.

Now, get to writing!


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Comic book writer or Romance Author?

zombielb2Romancing the Funny Bone

Who is J. Morgan? Uh, that’d be me. I think. Yep, it’s me. But, in the metaphysical sense, who am I? To answer that probing question we need to travel back to a simpler time. Not sure if it was simpler, but the closest thing we had to a home computer was an Etch-a-Sketch.

Back in the 70s a kid had only his imagination to entertain him. Luckily for me, mine was over active. Creating worlds always came easily to me. Whether with my action figures, or just turning the yard and woods in my backyard into strange alien landscapes, I’ve always lived inside my head. It should have come as no surprise to me or anyone, that I’d become a writer one day.

So, if I was so space cadet growing up, why am I writing Romance novels about things that go bump in the night. Shouldn’t I be writing comic books, horror novels, or anything but Romance? Well, who says I don’t?


You hear me, I write all those. I write them through Romance. Romance is more than a genre on a book shelf. It’s the story of our lives. It’s our past, present and future. How can you read a story and not include two people searching for each other. The human condition is to be loved. Without that one emotion we become machines or worse, we become immune to the world around us.

I write books. Romance just happens to be the center of what I write. The Vampire part just so happens to be the fun part. Now, that we’ve narrowed down what I do, I’d like to discuss one book in particular. That is, if you don’t mind being dragged into me talking about one of my babies. I promise there’s even a snazzy picture. Yeah, I’m a proud papa, and why shouldn’t I be?

Love Free Stake Hard is one of my proudest accomplishments. Why you may ask? Well, I don’t mind answering. Book Three in my Love Bites series was the first book where I grew a clue. Before it, I just wrote. Yep, I was a pantster, wrote by the seat of whatever covered the desired parts and let the words flow with no rhyme or reason. Love Free taught me to plan, think ahead and never assume the way you’re writing is the right way. It always led the way in creating the world I love writing. Books 1 and 2 were fun, but incomplete in scope. I had a world, but like anyone who read them, I had no idea what that world contained. This book showed me more than a world, it showed me universes revolving in my head. I was giddy. Who wants a world, when they can have the cosmos to play with?

It was also the book where I had a grand plan. Okay, scheme, because schemes come with mad scientist cackles. Love Free Stake Hard gave me twelve books percolating to a slow boil. So, if you’re reading or have read this series, know that I know where we’re going and it’s going to be one fun ride.

Visit J Morgan on his website or on his Amazon author page.  Download a FREE book from the Love Bites series.