Winning title? Give me your ideas!

Jordan never expected to be a single mom. As a disability rights attorney she has a full life even before baby. As a blind mom she builds a network of support after her husband, David, runs fast and far because he doesn’t want to hurt her or their baby with his addiction. David’s arrest and jail time give him time to think and determination to get his life back together. Will Jordan trust him enough to let him back into their life?

This is Book Five in the Starting Over Series. My working title was Better Than You Think or Better Than You Know. I’m not satisfied with either — I need something that catches the interest of readers and tells just enough about the story to whet their appetite.

The winner will receive a copy of the book and their name in the book as well. (I have a female character and a male character whose names can be changed to yours or one you choose.)

I am looking for a title that is matter-of-fact about a blind mom and professional woman living life. This is not a super-mom book. It is, I hope, a real life look at parenting with a disability. And of course it is also a love story. Check out all the Starting Over series on Amazon or Desert Breeze Publishing.

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