The Author Speaks — How Danielle Thorne Writes.

DanielleThorneBioGrayPicHow long have you been writing? Do you have any other publications?
A lifelong poet and storyteller, I started writing seriously 16 years ago. My first novel, The Privateer, was published originally in 2008. My other books include contemporary and historical adventurous romances. Death Cheater is a prequel to Cheated, and was my first paranormal.
What is your beverage of choice as you write? (For example, I am a hot tea drinker, brewed with great whole leaf tea.)
I’m a bottled water drinker, but as soon as autumn nears I turn to evening cocoa to keep creative and comfy. Starbucks has a great sea salted caramel cocoa that makes me giddy.
Tell me a little about your writing space. Where and when do you usually work on your books?
I keep an office down the hall from my bedroom. It has a lovely view to the back of my wooded yard, which helps me think. You’ll often find it cluttered with crafts supplies, piles of genealogy folders, and lots of books. My best creative time is late nights, but I usually am busy with other aspects of writing during the day.
Tell us something that most readers don’t know about you.
One thing that surprises most readers is that I received my scuba certification about 8 years ago. I’m not a real social butterfly or dare devil, but I conquered a lot of fears learning to dive.  My love for our planet and the beautiful creatures of the sea has deepened in ways I could never explain. Readers will find a sea theme or sea reference in most of my books.
Athena Gray is determined to finish her senior year without any paranormal interruptions. She’s certain it’s best to ignore her ability to help spirits cross over, but a new phantom in the backwoods of Omega is watching her every move. Determined to protect her sister and best friend, Dan, Athena pays no attention to strange events at school until they follow her home. She finds she must come to grips with an angry and jealous ghost who wants her dead because somewhere between this life and another, Athena’s adversary thinks she cheated. It will take the power of family and friendship to survive her own personal haunting and reclaim her life before supernatural forces extinguish it forever.   
DeathCheaterCoverArt72dpi (2)Death Cheater
Whether it’s strange things like dead butterflies fluttering to life, or the time she saved her dying grandpa just by willing him to live, Athena Gray knows that she is different.

The only person who doesn’t seem to think so is Dan, the most popular boy on Omega High School’s baseball team. But even Dan can’t understand the reason she acts haunted, until a spirit roaming the local historic burial mounds takes an interest in the people Athena cares about.

When the dark force blackmails her into using her gifts for devious reasons, Athena must figure out what it really wants before someone innocent is targeted for death.

About Danielle
Danielle Thorne writes from south of Atlanta, Georgia. She is the author of sweet romantic adventure books and a former editor for Solstice and Desert Breeze Publishing. Her popular blog, The Balanced Writer, focuses on life and the pursuit of peace and happiness. Currently, she is a freelance copywriter in-between working on her next book and pursuing a Communications degree.
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