Sizzling scenes and this latest book…

When I was very young and newly married the wonders of the physical relationship in marriage continually surprised and pleased me. And that is when I started writing The Return of Joy.

I mean, blushing newlyweds have very clear memories of the sizzle, right? And fantasies.

And frankly I enjoy reading sizzling scenes.

During this early period in our now almost 38 year old marriage I was trading books with one of my brothers. I often did this, for multiple genres. He surprised me by giving me a stack of thick, sexy romantic books by Kathlene Woodwiss. “What I like best,” he said at the time, “is that there is some great sex but it is only between people who are married to each other.”

That stuck with me, and so when I thought through this story of Joy and Mark I thought about that approach.

So warning — there are some sizzling scenes in this book. And (spoiler alert?) the characters are married when it happens.

Now they were married before, to different people, so they are also more experienced than the virgins in the first book of the series. That experience may show, too. But there are also other people in the house, so it’s not like they can be too consumed by their attraction to each other. But that makes the sizzle more fun.

I hope you enjoy this shift in the starting over stories. The third one is very different than either of the first two. Each story of starting over, each set of circumstances and characters are very different. Still, it is possible to find joy and love and life after something terrible has happened.

So if you want a little extra sizzle download The Return of Joy today. The Amazon link is here, and the link for my publisher is in the prior post.

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