Time After Time Saga with Tami Dee

The Time After Time Saga with Tami Dee is a collaborative effort. Authors Lynette Endicott and Tami Dee are working together on a series of six books. Each woman is taking the lead on half of the books.

The first to be published is Animal Instinct, set in the 1970s in Missouri. Allison Green is a veterinarian and the descendent of a line of women who bear the Heartmark, a heart-shaped birthmark that identifies them as the target for Mildreth, an evil time-traveling enemy. Sean Barnett is the new detective in town.  Will Sean be the man to help her break free of the ancient enemy who has traveled through time in order to cheat her of love?

In Survival Instinct, set in future San Francisco, Winter makes detective only to be recruited by a band of crooked cops — through threats to her Grandmother Allison — and they try to force her to kill a nosy reporter who turns out to be a hometown boy from back in Missouri. To save Grandma Al she just might do it.

Pioneer Instinct follows Eliza from Ireland to the New World and the Wyoming territory in 1890, the year it achieves statehood. Through vicious rumors, personal tragedy and the hardships of pioneer life, Eliza O’Malley faces her time-traveling enemy with courage even in heartbreak that the man she loves has deserted her.

Protective Instinct is set in 1645 in England and follows Sabrina Bridges, who clings to her birthright as a Heartmark woman, convinced she will overcome the time-traveling enemy that plagues the women of her family. She is certain she will obtain true love with the man she gives her heart to. But how will her trusting heart survive when she learns that very man has deceived her since the moment they met?

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