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I Never Thought I’d Own Five Cats!

When I was growing up, I begged and begged to have a cat. My dad said he didn’t like cats so I was told I couldn’t have one. When I was about 13, though, a friend of my dad’s asked if we’d like a purebred Persian cat that a breeder didn’t want to keep because he wasn’t “show” quality. So, I finally did get my first cat – a beautiful black Persian I named Fonzie that lived for 17 years. After Fonzie died, I missed not having a cat, so I bought a beautiful white Ragdoll/ Himalayan cat that was the sweetest, cuddliest cat you could ever own. A few years later, as my daughter grew older, our family of cats grew and grew.

Our next cat was a rescue cat from our local humane society. My daughter wanted a cat that would belong to her only, so I finally relented and we adopted a black cat that she named Zip, after a Beanie Baby, but he ended up being called Zipper. Zipper is our hyper-active, talkative cat. I thought as he grew older he’d calm down, but he hasn’t yet. About four years later, I made the mistake of taking my daughter to visit the kittens at the humane society again and we ended up bringing home cat number three.Milohad a very different temperament – he is quiet and smart and cuddly. So, we were at three cats – my limit – and I thought that would be it. However, life likes to bring you surprises.

Not long after our white cat had died and we were down to two cats, it seemed to start raining cats at our household. My daughter’s boyfriend had left our house around midnight one night and was driving home on a country road when he saw what looked like a skunk in the middle of the road. Except that the skunk had four flashing eyes. He stopped his car only inches from hitting this animal and after looking for a few minutes, got out of the car to find two tiny kittens curled up together on the road. One was all black and the other was black and white. He called our house and told us what he’d found. Well, there really wasn’t much else to do except tell him to bring them back to the house. The little kittens couldn’t have been more then 5 weeks old and were starving. Obviously, someone had just dropped them off on this country road. Unfortunately, this happens quite often because people are irresponsible and they don’t want to pay to place the kittens at the shelter. Since we couldn’t find a home for the kittens, and I really didn’t want to split up the brothers after what they’d been through, I ended up keeping them. That’s how we acquired Jasper and Ozzie.

A year later my daughter and her boyfriend found yet another kitten on the staircase of their apartment building. This little guy wasn’t even old enough to be taken away from his mother, could barely walk and had to be hand fed. Of course, he came to me because I was the only one who stayed home all day and he had to be fed every 3-4 hours, just like a newborn baby. He became cat number five, and although we tried and tried to find a name that suited him, we never did and I ended up naming him Kitten. He’s full-grown now and still has small features, so the name actually fits him. (And I have to say, just like the baby in any family, he’s the cutest one of all and can’t do any wrong – but don’t tell my other cats that.)

Luckily for us, all the cats are male and they actually do get along well. Each one has his own personality, they all like attention and I can’t sit down anywhere in the house without at least one cat in my lap. Honestly, I never dreamed I’d own five cats at one time – but I’m used to it now. And no, if you find an abandoned cat, please do not drop him off at my doorstep. Even though I love all of my animals, five cats, one dog and a bird is all I can take.

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