Re-release: Animal Instict

Friends, it has been awhile. Tami Dee and I got busy with life, and as much as we loved this series, we werent paying much attention to it. Then our publisher closed. Wow — an opportunity to re-read, re-edit and re-release our books!  And to re-turn to writing the remaining books in the series. Here is the first in the Time After Time Saga, Animal Instinct, in both Kindle and paperback

On Detective Sean Barnett’s first day at work his police dog’s reaction to a bee sting requires an emergency visit to the town vet. Dr. Al’s swift, efficient response averts immediate danger, but when Sean asks Allison to dinner, he opens the door for a terrifying danger — an ancient, time-traveling enemy who will stop at nothing to keep them apart. Dr. Allison Green’s heart-pounding attraction to King’s handsome owner, Sean, sends her to her family’s reference on love, the diary passed down from her great-grandmother that goes back centuries. She delves into references to animal helpers, ancient artifacts and the ruthless woman whose goal is to destroy love for the woman of the Heartmark. When she is overwhelmed with ancestral memories, Allison realizes the extent of the danger posed by their enemy, and the deranged terror that threatens her chance at love.

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