My publisher has accepted two more book ideas!

COMING June 2014 – Out of Agony, Starting Over Book Four

Some of the readers of Finding Her Voice have asked a very pointed question — what happened to Brian, Trudy’s father. Brian’s ex-father-in-law stays in touch with him, and continues to use him as the lawyer for the family business. After all, they have all been through a terrible loss together.

Brian’s hard shell of attitude protects him from any one else knowing the despair that is tearing him apart inside. Then one day he blasts out at the coffee shop barrista and the woman behind him in line asks, “Are you just having a bad day or are you always a jerk?”

Alisha turns out to be the new partner in his law firm, and her ethics and sharp sense of right and wrong turns things upside down and remind Brian what he used to believe in.

COMING January, 2015 – Better Than You Know, Starting Over Book Five

Susan is a successful blind professional who depends on her husband to provide child care while she is the wage earner in the family. When he descends into domestic violence she must get him out of her life and her daughter’s.  She then faces the prejudices around parenting with a disability, from people assuming her daughter must be blind, too; that she can’t parent if she can’t see, and scariest of all for both her and Samantha, her ex threatens her with, “I am watching you all the time. You just don’t know because you’re blind.”

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