Meet Mike, Hero and home town boy…

Winter ran away from home…but home caught upSurvivalInstinctCoverArt

She glanced up and saw their reflection in the mirror hanging over the dresser. She had to admit, they made a striking image sitting together like they were. She ran a finger over her blacking left eye, and then turned to scowl at the man who had blackened it. She was almost certain it had been his elbow that had caught her.

Apparently he had not been as focused on his thoughts as she had assumed, or maybe his thoughts were somehow following hers. He turned to her and ran a surprisingly gently forefinger over the bruised flesh under her eye. “I just wanted to stop you, not hurt you.”

She jerked a shoulder, oddly unnerved by his softer side.

Hometown boy. Never. Nope. No way.

“How’d you see me anyway?” she asked. “You didn’t have night goggles on.”

He blinked his big gold eyes and she frowned at him.

He smiled, a chuckle accompanied the gesture and her stomach did a funny little dip. “Part of my top of the line spy package,” he told her. “Contacts. Two rapid blinks night vision, three blinks heat sensor, four, normal mode.”

She whistled. “I want to work where you work. Cool toys.”

He grinned at her. “The coolest.”

“So, what gives?” she demanded. “You won’t tell me what branch you work for, I get that, but at least tell me who the other players are. How did you get involved, anyway? How long have you been snooping around as a mild mannered reporter to get all those names?” Another thought took precedence over his answer and she said. “By the way, what kind of spy are you if they knew you were investigating them? The task I had to do, in order to not be sent to 867 for offing the creep and to keep my grandmother alive, was to kill you after I found out just how much you know, but dude, they know you’re on to them.” She shook her head and shot him a disgusted look. “You’re really a lousy spy. I’m surprised your bosses trust you with all this high tech stuff.”

His jaw firmed and the hand next to hers on the bed fisted. She’d touched a nerve and she had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep from smiling.

“I will have you know, lady,” he bit out. “My cover was to be a reporter who was obviously investigating the corrupt cops, in order to draw them out in the open so I could shut them down.”

She believed him, but it was just so easy to rile him up that instead of telling him so, she said instead, “Hmmm.”

He glared at her reflection in the mirror. “You’re ticking me off again.”

She couldn’t help herself, she winked.

He lifted his arm, to do what she didn’t know.

Tap, tap, tap. They both tensed and looked at the terrace doors.

To be continued tomorrow, when you will meet Mike’s Animal Helper

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