Finding Her Voice now in Paperback!

…and the Kindle version is now only $2.99 on Amazon

At the death of her daughter the music goes out of Jennifer’s world. Can she find a way to go on living? To sing again?

FindingHerVoiceCoverArtJennifer has the perfect life — a loving husband, a beautiful daughter, a flexible job in the family business. When a heart-stopping accident takes it all from her, Jen struggles to survive her days alone. No one else understands, expecting her to “get over” her grief.

Ollie, her daughter’s rescued dog, is the only one who shares her grief and lives her pain. When divorce ends in the sale of their home, she and Ollie set out on a road trip of healing and discovery.

Life will never be the same, but maybe along the way she can find the music, find her voice, find her own path to living after her loss. And if she is lucky, find love.

Finding Her Voice is my first overtly Christian romance. Jen couldn’t deal with this kind of loss without asking God why? Come with her on her journey of faith and discovery.

Available in both Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

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