Dog is a Game Changer in the Writing Arena

Two evil overlords?paco driving

I’m J. Morgan and I am the proud pet of two evil overlords and an emperor of the Cith. No, I’m not talking about my wife and daughter, though, now that I think about it… so, who am I’m talking about? My Chihuahua, Paco, and the beautiful Mini Pin, Maxine. The emperor is the feline Mr. Bean, who has proudly owned me and my family for the past fifteen years. You may be asking yourself, with all these owners how does J. Morgan have any time to write. Well, you know those little voices that I’m always talking about? Now, you know who I’m talking about.

For those of you who aren’t a pet of one or more furry masters, I doubt you’ll get what I’m about to say. I’m not sure if I could write without them. Seriously, I couldn’t. Each one of my beautiful children of the fur help me in ways that I never thought (25)

Paco is my game changer. He knows exactly when his daddy is about to lose his mind. Whether I’m blocked or just have lost my way, he senses my frustration and clears it up the only way he knows how. When I feel the tap tap on my foot, I know it’s time to close my screen and pay attention to my baby boy. And, there he is, with one of his hundred toys hanging out of his mouth. It’s wubby time. So for the next twenty minutes to three hours I throw. He brings back. Repeat process until one of us passes out. Usually, that someone is me. Other times, he’ll just crawl up and sit on the keyboard, telling me enough. You’re driving me crazy with that mumbling under your breath. Just stop it. Strangely enough, he’s got more sense than me when it gets to that point.

Paco has been so much of a muse to me, he even wormed his way into Love Bites Book Three: Love Free Stake Hard as Dela and Deme’s loveable adopted son. Paco came to us in much the same way. Someone just threw him out in our yard when he was just a puppy. From the first second his big brown eyes stared into mine, it was over.

Now, we come to the ultimately adorable Maxine. She is the queen of the big brown eyes. Max is pretty much our lurker under the blanket who only comes out to bark at mystery sounds, Mr. Bean and her food bowl. So, how does she help me write? Ms. Maxine is a hugger. Dare I say the best hugger in the world! She instinctively knows when I’m having a hard time with a scene. I’ll hear the clickity clack of her feet and then she’s in my lap with her arms on either side of my neck, her head nuzzling my ear, and so much love flooding me, how can I not be inspired?


Mr. Bean on the other hand is pragmatic about it. His favorite minion, namely, me, has certain responsibilities in life. I’ve got to make sure his food bowl is full. Dry food all day long. Wet food once in morning. Once at night. The water bowl must be full and be at a certain temp. His recliner, yes, he has his own recliner. My wife thought it beansterwas hers, but he disabused her of that fact. Where was I, again? Oh yeah, his recliner has to have the proper amount of fluffed blankies for him to lounge upon. Once I have accomplished all that, I get the look. Silly man, get to writing. I don’t have time to watch you dither about. Cable does not pay for itself. I must have my stories to watch, food to eat, and please do something about these lesser beings. I did not give you permission to bring canines into my abode. You get the idea.

The point is, pets are beings of perfect love. They wrapped you around their paws and never let you go. Writing is a labor of love. How can you truly know what love is if you’re not surrounded by it. I am the luckiest man alive. I have examples of love around me all the time. From my wife, daughter, my family, my friends, and of course, my furry overlords, I am never far from the things that make life a true blessing.

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