Does God cause pain or use it or???

Wildfires, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes — did these natural disasters and their losses or close escapes come from God?36451078204185961_HMZmvGgi_b

There was another shooting, a mass murder, in the news this weekend. How does a loving God let things like that happen?

I talked with three people today whose family members committed suicide (not recently, but in every case it was still a painful, devastating, life-altering blow.)  I was reminded of a mom I knew, a warm, giving mom who welcomed her daughter’s friends from church camp into their home during the youth rally. I will never fully understand the depths of her depression, and how she first shot her daughter before she took her own life and left her husband to die of a broken heart.

I just received word that a dear friend has cancer of the kidneys, with a grim prognosis. Her younger sister with Alzheimer’s has been living with her, so now she is seeking wisdom for how to explain the outcome — institutional care at the point when she can no longer provide care — to the sister.

Last year I watched as my oldest friend fought breast cancer and is cancer free today — while her niece, still in her 20s,  lost the fight to overcome a very fast-growing, virulent strain of cancer.

We live in a broken world. The world is broken because of sin in it — in our own lives, sometime, and all around us.

I don’t believe that the horrific things that happen in our world are direct, individual punishment for individual sin. (Although sometimes things happen to us that are a direct result of our sin.) I am reminded of the disciples who asked Jesus, about a man born blind, who had sinned? Him or his parents? The answer was that all things are for God’s glory.

All things, not just the happy moments, but the sad ones, too. And through it all He is the one in control. He will comfort us through the storm. He will help us use the adversity that finds and floors us. He is our hope, our help, the one we turn to in life when we are forced — by our own decisions or things outside our control — to start over.

I wrote the Starting Over series because starting over is required of most of us at some point in the ups and downs that are life on this broken earth. I hope you will take time to read the stories — and then share your own with me, because there are more books ahead in the series.

Comment — what do you think? Why do bad things happen? A lucky commenter will be selected for a free download of Out of Agony, my July 21 release.

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2 thoughts on “Does God cause pain or use it or???

  1. From the Garden of Eden, God gave us free will. If we didn’t have free will, then we would be puppets–He would control our lives and what happens to us. Our birth in a particular place and time? This is what I’ve wondered about..why me, who gets to live in America…etc.
    Disasters–nature is set up and we cannot change it. Even nature, though, evolves over time. Nature is, and always has been, a constant force. Why do hurricanes wipe out coastlines and communities and cities with them? Because humans got in the way. God did not send those hurricanes to punish anyone. Who in their right mind would build a city below sea level? (New Orleans)
    Humans, bottom line, are not very smart. We build a house on the edge of a cliff, then blame God when rains soften the cliff and down tumbles homes.
    Bad things happen because we are in the wrong place at the wrong time, we abuse our bodies in some way, or we are just a hapless victim of something called cancer cells–which have always been around, too. Why do we hear about so many bad things–the internet and tv. I was a teenager in the 50s and we hardly knew about anything going on in the world, let alone in the next town. Now we watch the news and believe humans are, literally, going to Hell in a hand basket.

  2. God does not cause the pain or loss. He gave everyone FREE CHOICE every day we choose to do right or wrong. Also it is a Natural Law What Goes Around Comes Around. So if you are mean you will get mean, if you are depressed you will get depression, if you decide to hate you will get hate. On the other hand if you are kind you will get kindness, if you are happy you will get happy. If you give love you will get love.
    Natural disasters are also caused by man NOT God. He gave us dominion over the earth and we have not taken care of it properly. now it is falling apart and we need someone else to blame.
    So again God does NOT cause pain or loss, hurt, or pain, or disaster. We have the choice ever day to make it a GREAT day or to be one of the gloomy people going around with the Poor Me attitude. Smile at someone help someone in any small way and feel your heart lift up and be happy. God wants us all to have our hearts desires. We have to believe, trust and have Faith in God and our self in order to get what we want in life. Manifestation for anything is possible.
    Have a Blessed and glorious day.

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