Calico Cat is animal helper

Meet Slainte’, Veterinarian Allison Green’s animal helper

Excerpt from Animal Instinct, the first of the Time After Time Saga with Tami DeeIMG_0606

The fascination of his touch, the warm, sweet taste of their wine on his lips, the way she was drawn to kiss him. Her lips pulled into a soft smile. She had only resisted the urge about one time in ten. When she had given in and initiated a kiss he had been right there with her, immediately on the same page, immediately understanding the pace she wanted, the, for now, very gentle give and take.

She had never been so drawn to a man.

Her eyes flew open. “The diary,” she whispered. “It is time to read the diary.”

Slainte’ meowed her approval, rubbing up against her legs before darting to the hallway. The feline beat her to the hallway bookshelf, almost, Allison thought with a small laugh, as if she was leading her to the book.

Her great-grandmother had told her she could read it any time, yet she never had.

“My sweet child, listen closely,” she had instructed. “Someday you will meet a man who is different from all the others, a man who sets your heart to racing, your hands to trembling, and your mind to thinking about forever.” Her aged sky blue eyes had gone dreamy, a soft smile had played around her lips. “He’ll be — irresistible.”

Her expression, as she had once again focused on Allison, had turned serious and she had brushed a thin hand over Allison’s hair. “This may be hard for you to understand right now, child, but sometimes things can go wrong in love, even when the person you love loves you back. If–” she had chuckled, then amended. “When that happens, this diary will guide you. Offer you strategies to help you overcome those obstacles and hold on to that love.”

AnimalInstinctCoverArt_1She had frowned a bit, seeming to gather her thoughts. “The words in this book will prove to be… enlightening.” Her gaze had turned knowing and wise as she had taken hold of both Allison’s hands. “True love overcomes all obstacles. It’s as powerful as magic, Allison. You can be very happy, my dear. Believe it with everything you are when things get hard.” She had squeezed Allison’s hands. “Trust in love, trust in your man, and trust in yourself.” She had nodded her silver head, her lips pressed together in conviction. “You’ll see.”

Allison swallowed past the tears in her throat.

It was time to read the diary.

Slainte’ leaped up and began to pace the wide shelf right next to the diary. Al pulled it from the shelf, opened it to the center section. There the writing was confined to the lower two-thirds of the journal. The upper third had been cut to divide it from the bottom section of pages, then the top glued together and a secret hiding place carved out of those pages. In the opening lay her great-grandmother’s broach, a gift she had received along with the diary.

Allison took the book and broach into her bedroom and again sat on the side of her bed.

She rubbed her tired eyes and frowned up at the over bright ceiling light before getting up and switching it off. She had to laugh at herself for her backwards approach to such a simple task as she groped for the bedside reading lamp, at last finding the small knob and turning it on.

Her hands shook as she took the broach out and held it for the first time in years. It was silver, with a Celtic knot design around the outside edge and a carved ivory cat  in the center, with an amethyst eye and a circle of the purple stones surrounding it. With a little polish it would sparkle as brightly as it had when she received it.

Under the broach was a separate note, folded in quarters. She set the broach on the bedside table, then unfolded the brittle paper and read the words penned by her great-grandmother more than sixty years before, when she was not much older than Allison.

 There is strong, good magic in this broach. Magic that, combined with the Heartmark, will help you to find a love so true and strong it will last a lifetime. This love will be so deep, so profound, your daughters, and their daughters, and their daughters, will know of your love for him. It will be imprinted in their very cells, resting peacefully in the recesses of their minds, just as your ancestresses’ loves rest within your own mind. You will know when you’ve met the one man for you. Your heart will recognize him the moment you meet.

A tear splashed the paper and Allison swiped her eyes.


Could she believe what her heart was telling her — that he was different from the other men she’d met, that even in that first moment of looking into his worried face at her office, she had seen deep into the future that she could have with him.

She blinked to clear her vision and continued to read. Slainte’ purred at her side, her big eyes watching her, seeming to understand the emotional impact her great-grandmother’s words were having on Allison.

“Wear the broach,” she read. ” Be forewarned, child, by doing so, you will draw your enemy out. But, it will also give you the knowledge and power to defeat her.”

The fine hairs on Allison’s arms stood on end and her heart pounded behind her breast. Meredith’s face swam through her mind’s eye and she shuddered.

She would wear it tomorrow. Al went to her drawers and located a scarf with purple highlights, and the skirt and shirt that would go with it, to wear for her dates with Sean.

Dates. She was dating this amazing man. It was official.

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