About those therapy dogs…













I have a therapy dog named Ollie. He is a major character in my WIP (Work in Progress).

I used someone else’s dog for The Return of Joy, tomorrow’s release.

Both are therapy dogs, and specifically, reading dogs. They go to schools, libraries and public events and children read out loud to them.  We have an event this morning at Barnes and Noble with Ollie and Atlas (the model for Atlas in The Return of Joy) and some of their friends. A storyteller reads first with great drama (she is amazing) and then the children read to our dogs. That is what is happening in this picture — but I’ve remade the blond girl into Charity and the dark-headed one into Stacy, the daughter of Paige and Josh Robinson in the first book in this series.

You can download this latest book from my publisher at http://stores.desertbreezepublishing.com/-strse-357/Starting-Over-Book-Two-cln-/Detail.bok at midnight tonight — and maybe sooner. I will post links for B&N and Amazon tomorrow — but remember you can get those formats as well as iBooks and others, direct from Desert Breeze Publishing at this link.

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