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A marketing professional’s question…pepper - Copy

It is a fair question. In answer, let me tell you a story.

After a fairly significant event that interrupted my career, I was working from home, deciding what to do with myself, and I decided to get back to my writing. I joined an on-line critique group, set aside writing time, researched articles where I could write short stories, joined the Romance Writers of America…all the things a serious romance writer should do.

During this time I learned the delight of being home with my teenage daughter. I had worked outside the home herwhole life, but now we had that precious time immediately after school when her day tumbled out as we drove home.

She’s the one who heard the kittens in the woodpile. A feral cat had a litter and they were as cute as they could be, especially when they began chasing each other around our back yard, tumbling and hissing and occasionally falling into the pool, but we were always there to fish them out. My daughter picked one of them up and asked, predictably, if she could keep it. I answered, predictably, no, her father didn’t like cats. Then she asked the question that changed our lives.

mostly ollie“Why do we let him decide?”

Why, indeed. Long story short, we adopted two kittens, and later another came into our lives to be rescued. We rescued a dog a few years later, and then a cockatiel showed up on our back porch.

I’d never owned a pet before, not one of my own. A few animals found their way through our lives as I was growing up, but none were mine and most had pretty sad stories, didn’t turn out well.

After I turned 50 my daughter’s spunk turned that all around and I am absolutely in love with all my animals. Now I can’t imagine life without them. Art imitates life, so my characters include animals. That is why Paige adopts two kittens found in her backyard in More Than a Job, Mark’s yellow lab, Atlas, becomes a therapy dog and reading tutor in The Return of Joy and a calico cat and a German shepherd are animal helpers in Animal Instinct, because all the heroes and heroines in our Time After Time Saga have animal helpers.

71916925269910592_1wlk4eov_bIn a few weeks you will meet another calico cat and a cockatiel in Survival Instinct. In Finding Her Voice, Starting Over Book Three, Ollie (the terrier mix above) accompanies Jen as she takes a journey across the country to figure out how to rebuild her life. This fall you will meet two more animal helpers, a horse and a barn cat, in Pioneer Instinct. So as the marketing professional calls it, in developing the “brand” of Author Lynette Endicott, animals will always play a part.  I enjoy bringing animals in with guest authors, too.

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How a book feels

Paper or ebooks? The Star Trek dilemma.

Captain James T. Kirk loved paper books. Even though by his time they were outdated, he collected them. They were a most treasured gift on his birthday. He didn’t think electronic books were the same. They didn’t feel like real books feel. Captain Jean Luc Piccard felt much the same way. And in their day there were still paper books to be had — in the antique stores.eread

In 2011, about the time I sold my first book, I learned that Amazon sales of electronic books surpassed paper books for the first time. In some ways we have already surpassed the science that the first Star Trek series imagined in the 1960s. Our communication devices are smaller. But our medical diagnostics are bigger so the technology vision is inconsistent with the actual. The Transporter remains elusive — too bad, since it is one of the two science fiction time management tools that I wish I could use. (The other is the Tesseract envisioned by Madeline L’Engle in A Wrinkle in Time.)

Today we often see people with their E-readers. But we still see paper books as well. Here are some of the reasons I prefer electronic books:

  • When I travel I can take dozens of books with me and not add to the weight of what I am carrying. If I read everything I have with me, I can read more with a one-click download.
  • Some of the reading devices feel a lot like a book.
  • I have both a Kindle and an iPad. The Kindle is lighter in weight and easier to hold.  As arthritis has set into my hands, especially my thumbs, I find it is much easier to hold a Kindle than a book of any size. No matter how many words the book has, it will fit in your E-reader.
  • E-readers make large print as easy as a setting. If you don’t want to wear reading glasses, don’t! You can just enlarge the type.
  • EBooks are very accessible to people who are blind. One friend tells me that the Nook ap with downloaded books is a “game changer” because it is so easy to access the audio book from the downloaded book. This gives a much wider selection to people with disabilities.

How about you? What kind of books do you prefer?

All my books are available on Kindle, Nook or from my publisher in eBook formats.  Stop by my author pages at Desert Breeze and Amazon and download your next good read.

The blizzard of 1890 – Wyoming turned deadly

downloadEliza was unprepared for the bone-chilling cold. The snow began to fall and the wind blew it horizontally across her view. The barn, which had been clear to see just moments before, faded into a hulking, indistinct shadow as the snow came between them.

“’Liza, wait.” David O’Malley turned and took a long rope from a hook beside the door. He tied one end of it to a high hook at the roofline of the house. “Let me go first,” he offered as he unwound the rope behind him. “Hold on to me with one hand, and to the rope with the other.”

She did as he said, and closed her eyes against the sting of ice mixed with the snow. The ground underfoot became slippery. Even mostly covered, her face stung. She could no longer feel her toes and fingers, even though she moved them to keep them warm.

It was impossible to talk in the whining wind, so when they reached the fence Papa gestured that she was to go to the barn. He tied the rope to the fence, she realized, so they could find their way back to the house. She groped along the fence line toward the barn. Icicles formed along the top rail.

Fancy called out to her with a loud neigh when she opened the barn door. She would have to leave it open so Papa could drive the animals from the pens into the barn.  She closed it as far as she dared to limit the cold air coming in. She climbed the ladder into the storage above the barn and pitched hay – a lot of hay – down to the floor of the barn. The sheep and goats that were in the pens began to trickle in through the door. In the dim light she piled the hay into a corner and put grain into the feed troughs. When she checked the water there was plenty, but it was already beginning to freeze.  She broke up the shell of ice that skimmed the surface and hoped that the animals could get enough to drink. She opened the stalls for the horses in the barn so that they could press close to each other for warmth. It was all she could do.

The stream of animals had stopped so she gritted her teeth and stepped out the barn door, closing it behind her. She reached out with her hand to find the fence rail. She needed to find her father and they needed to get back into the house before they were too cold to move. She’d never known the cold could penetrate so deep into her bones, that she could move inch by inch down the invisible fence, finding her way by feel, and could not see or feel anything at all. If Papa had gone back to the house without her she would never find her way.

He hadn’t. He was slumped over the fence at the place where the rope connected to it.

She tugged on his arm and for a moment she feared he had frozen as he stood by the fence and waited for her. Then, moving slowly, he straightened and felt for her hand. He put one of her hands on the rope and the other grasping the back of his coat. Then he led her back to the house, step by agonizing step.

And suddenly they were there. She bumped up against her father’s back as they ran into the wall of the cabin. She continued to hold on to his coat as he shuffled along the wall to the left, feeling for the door. At long last a sliver of light penetrated into their dark, cold world and they were able to push through the door then slam it shut on the dark, cold, dangerous storm behind them.

PioneerInstinctCoverArtAllen turned bleak eyes to them from his place at the stove where he fed sticks into the flames.

“I couldn’t see. I couldn’t get any more wood,” he pronounced solemnly. “I was lost for a moment, not two steps from the house.”

“We’ll need to close off the bedroom, bring all the blankets and clothes, everything we can find, into this room. We need to keep each other warm until the storm passes.”

Eliza and Allen did as he asked, and carried everything that could provide warmth into the main room. They piled the mattresses around as well as under them, and each put on several layers of warm, dry clothes. Eliza’s fingers began to thaw as she worked in the relatively warm cabin. She found several pairs of socks and gloves for each of them. Then they lay down on the mattresses, pressed close to each other, and covered up with the blankets they’d gathered.

Then they lay there and listened to the wind continue to blow, and heard the snow mixed with ice crystals as it struck the windows. Snow sifted in through the space under both doors and formed a little drift of snow on the floor.

“What happens to the cattle when they are caught in a storm like this?” Eliza thought of the brown animals scattered across their ranch. She loved riding Fancy to the top of the hill and looking out at all the stock dotting the hillsides. “Will they be smart enough to huddle up and keep each other warm?”

“Probably not.” Her father’s voice was gruff. “We will be lucky if any survive, even the ones in the barn. We weren’t ready for a blizzard this early in the year. I never even thought to put the cattle into the pens this early.”

“Papa, what about Davy and Hugh and Ed?” Allen’s voice was small and scared and squeaked with his nervousness.

Eliza began to calculate in her head. It took at least two hours to get to the road, then another three on the road to get into Cheyenne. There was no way they could have made it all the way into town before the storm hit.

A shudder of fear ran through her and chilled her to the bone.

Buy Pioneer Instinct and other books by Lynette Endicott and Tami Dee at Amazon or Desert Breeze Publishing.

Why do I read?

Encouraging reading in youthPaula reading to Mike c

I don’t remember a time without books. They were a part of my day, every day, stretching back into memory. In this photo I am reading to my brother, two years younger than me. Since he looks about two in this photo, I was reading this to him before I started school — probably as a four-year old. I don’t know if I was telling the actual story from words, or had memorized it, or was guessing from the photos, but the important thing is that at a very young age I understood that there were exciting stories in books, and that reading unlocked those stories for us.

Once school started we had assignments – to read a new book every day. I continually worked my way through the libraries at home and at school, and of course at our public library where we proudly held our own library cards as soon as we were old enough to write our names. I remember many times when I was engrossed in a book and my parents had to get my attention to come eat supper, because I didn’t hear anything while I was reading a story.

I could only do that because my parents read to me. Reading before bed was a frequent ritual even after we were readers. Mom would choose somethingreading with mom above our reading level and continually challenge us with that content. Some of these were Bible stories, some were Reader’s Digest Condensed Books, which were a great way for kids to hear classics before we were ready for the full dose.

When we were ready for the full dose, the classic books were already old friends.

My family treasured books. I remember my first hardback books — Yertle the Turtle and Little Women.  We didn’t have a lot of money, but we always found ways to have lots of books, of all different genres, on our shelves in the living room, the bedrooms, the family rooms.

We did  have television, even though these vintage photos don’t make that obvious. We enjoyed a few shows. But mostly our imagination was stoked by what we read. And we never stopped reading. My brother has a memory that lets him remember everything he has ever read. I don’t have that same memory, so I even re-read my favorites from time to time.

I copied this same technique with my own daughter, who is also an avid reader in adulthood.


What Readers Say

DownandOutCoverArtReviews – Down & Out by Marcy G Dyer

From the Amazon page for this new book release:
5.0 out of 5 stars Great action mild Romance, January 4, 2013 By Janice Herrera This book is fast moving with good action. I couldn’t put it down. I will buy other books by this author.
5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it!, January 4, 2013 By Laressa Talavera Fast paced and a good read. Could not put It down Can not wait to read more from this author.
4.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyed reading this book, January 4, 2013 By Janice Fitts A fast-paced mystery. It was suspenseful and clean! A wonderful start to a successful career! Good luck and will be waiting your next book!
5.0 out of 5 stars Good, real writing, January 18, 2013 By Brandon Dyer’s writing is real, to the point, and inspirational. Very good story, too. Can’t wait to read her next one.
5.0 out of 5 stars Down & Out, January 17, 2013 By lindach Love this book. You don’t want to put it down. It’s spell binding. Love the story line and the references in this book. Couldn’t wait to see what happened next. Easy to read and understand. Can’t wait for the next book by Marcy Dyer.
5.0 out of 5 stars Down and Out is Up and Coming, January 17, 2013 By Morris Leach
This has been a great read. The plot, action, and suspense just grabs and holds you. After reading this first book from this author I believe that we will see many more great books from her. It is refreshing that you don’t have to wade through verbal dung to get to the story, like you do with so many authors today. Keep up the good work Marcy Dyer. I’m looking forward to your next book!.
5.0 out of 5 stars Down & Out, January 13, 2013 By proudgrammy This book was extremely good and held my interest all the way through until the end. I am eagerly awaiting the next book by this author.
5.0 out of 5 stars Desert Winds Book One: Down and Out, January 12, 2013 By Heather Escobedo I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is a real page turner. There are chills, thrills, laughter, and romance. Never a dull moment. I stayed up all night to finish it.
5.0 out of 5 stars want more!, January 9, 2013 By Cathy B
 I downloaded it today & could not put it down.  When I had to surrender the computer to my husband I finished it on my phone. Very easy read – not full of 6 page sex scene fillers. Characters that were “real” and believable. Loved the local flavor added in – they really are the best hamburgers around in Odessa. I want the next one released SOONER!!!!!!!
Download Down & Out from Amazon with one click!

New book features smart dog

Marcy dogBorder collie knows best…

I love dogs, so I asked Marcy G Dyer to share her dog and an excerpt from her book, Down and Out. Marcy says, “There is a tri-color Border collie in the book, based on my Border that I had for 15 years. The dog in the book is named Yogi and mine was Scooby, but the personality and the appearance are the same.”


She glanced at the dog. “You didn’t send me flowers, did you?”

The black dog had a white scruff and red and white face. He cocked his head to one side and looked at her. She’d always thought Border collies were supposed to be black and white. Curiosity up, she opened her notebook computer. She pulled up the website for the American Border Collie Association and found that the dogs came in all colors. Even a multi-colored coat called “merle.”

She glanced at Yogi. He looked like one of the dogs on the website called a tri-color. He stared back at her. “What is it, boy?”

He half-barked and half-growled. Great. The dog hated her. “It’s okay.”

Yogi made the same sound again, and Candace eased up from the chair and started to move away from him. He ran to one side, and when she moved in the other direction he ran to that side. Once again, he growl-barked.

When she didn’t show up for work tonight, maybe Beth Anne would send someone to find her decaying body.

Yogi continued to move side to side to keep her from leaving the room. Candace’s heart thudded against her chest. She grabbed a pillow off the sofa and wrapped it around her arm then put that arm forward and eased toward the kitchen. Yogi cocked his head to the side and looked at her like she was lunch, but he didn’t lunge at her.

When she reached the tiny galley kitchen, she realized her mistake. No way out. The dog blocked the entrance to the kitchen.

Candace continued to back up until she came to the wall. With her back against the wall, the dog, tail tucked, ran toward her. “God, save me,” she muttered.

Yogi cocked his head to the side and lunged. At least that’s what she thought he was about to do, until he planted his paws in the midst of her chest and nipped at her arm. He didn’t bite, but gently nudged at her with his teeth.

DownandOutCoverArt“You aren’t going to eat me, are you?”

Yogi’s tail wagged so hard his entire backside wiggled, and he growl-barked again. Candace slid to the floor. She should have known Ric wouldn’t leave a man-eating canine with her.

Yogi pounced the second her bottom hit the floor. He climbed all over her and gave her lots of puppy kisses. Had his tail been wagging when she thought he was going to eat her?

She laughed and headed for bed. Would she ever get used to sleeping during the day?

I can see this scene — and I love it when a dog is a character in a book. Download Down and Out now and read more!

Publisher’s buy site: Desert Breeze Publishing

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Latest Release from Christian Author

Marcy G. Dyer writes Romantic Suspense

Marcy G. Dyer is a Registered Nurse and suspense author. Like so many other writers, she began writing at a very young age. Her debut novel, Down & Out3cb47509f82a0a7f023590.L._V395431423_SX200_ – Desert Winds Series Book One, is available now. The second book in the series, Out For Blood, will be released on 08/11/2013.

In addition to writing, Marcy is a freelance editor. She does editing for individuals, Desert Breeze Publishing, and Prism Book Group.

Marcy is an alumni of the Christian Writer’s Guild and long-time member of American Christian Fiction Writers. She hosts a small critique group for ACFW and is involved in two other critique groups.

As followers of Jesus Christ, Marcy and her family are active members of Crossroads Fellowship in Odessa, Texas.

Check out her Amazon Author Page or download today from her publisher, Desert Breeze Publishing. You can find Marcy on the web at http://www.marcydyer.com/  or follow on Facebook.

Blurb: When a down on her luck publicist moves home to Odessa, Texas, she’s thrust into a volatile job with a handsome security consultant showing her the ropes when a stranger decides she must be his and he’s determined to win her love – at any cost. Can the handsome consultant protect her from the stalker or will she end up buried in the desert?

Down and Out – Suspense in Texas

DownandOutCoverArtA Texas Story from a Christian Author

When a down on her luck publicist moves home to Odessa, Texas, she’s thrust into a volatile job with a handsome security consultant showing her the ropes when a stranger decides she must be his and he’s determined to win her love – at any cost. Can the handsome consultant protect her from the stalker or will she end up buried in the desert?


Candace hunkered down in the floorboard of the truck. Why had she taken this job? She really didn’t need to eat. Maybe if she had to do without food for a while she could fit into smaller jeans, like the munchkin at the western store wore.

A gunshot rang out, and Candace vomited.

“Great. Barbie just tossed her cookies.” Beth Anne sighed.

Enough was enough. She wouldn’t put up with the leprechaun’s taunts any longer.

“I’m sorry if I don’t live up to your standards, Dumpling,” she snapped. “I’ve never had anyone shoot at me.”

“Dumpling? You little–”

“Enough, you two. Quit acting like spoiled junior-high girls. If you haven’t realized it, we’re in a little bit of a mess here.”

And if she ever got out of it, Candace would tell Carl he could shove his job. Everyone told her how dangerous New York would be. Right. She never got shot at there.
More shots rang out, and her hands shook. “Thank goodness we’re in the truck. If they don’t shoot the windows, we should be okay. Right?”

Josiah barked out a short laugh. “Don’t know much ‘bout guns, do ya, doll?”

“Not really. I know gun safety, and I’m a good shot, but that’s it.”

“A bullet can go through the metal of the door.” Beth Ann’s tone grew snarkier with each word. “It may or may not have enough force to come all the way inside depending upon the caliber. There’s your education for today, Barbie.”

“Thanks for nothing, Dumpling.”

Sirens sounded in the distance, and Candace prayed the police would arrive in time to save them. She couldn’t die like this, hunkered down in the floor of a flatbed truck with a puke-covered seat. At least she hadn’t peed her pants. Yet.

Download Down and Out today! Visit her website www.marcydyer.com and her Amazon author page.

Coming Soon – Survival Instinct


Speculative Futuristic Romance

I am so excited! Our second book in the Time After Time Saga follows the enemy of the women of the Heartmark, Meredith, as she jumps through time from 1970, in Animal Instinct, to 2020 in Survival Instinct. (Hint: the third book, Pioneer Instinct, will be released in December. This time Meredith takes a jarring journey to 1890s Wyoming.)

Winter has just been promoted to detective — and she is at risk of losing it all. An evil from the past threatens to destroy the love developing between Winter and Mike. Will ancestral memories hold the key to freedom, or overwhelm them with fear? Join us when Survival Instinct releases in April.